Phase V - The Final Phase

IT'S BEEN A WHILE Hey everyone!It’s been a while since I have sat down and wrote a blog, or at least attempted to. But after a year of being up and...

Testing New Ideas

Hi all, You know what there is nothing better on a warm sunny day, than sitting back and brainstorming with Jordan on other products that we could ...


2020 has been the year that most people would just like to forget… Anybody know where Doc keeps the Delorean? It’s got me thinking, a lot of people...

Why do I need Beard Oil?

Why do you need Mr Ticklers beard oil? Firstly, if you have ever grown or been around someone who is growing a full facial rug then you will unders...

Phase IV - The Hits just keep on coming

The Headaches How do I even begin describing the frustration and anxiety felt with the start up of this great venture, from the vision of a great p...

Phase III - Halfway There (Hahaha, as if... )

by Jordan Roberts April Fools So, who fell pity to our rather shameful April fool’s prank? As a team, we would like to thank everyone that messaged...

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