Kent - The World's Finest Brushes

Kent - The World's Finest Brushes

Kent are leading the way when it comes to good quality combs and brushes after all, Kent has been producing brushes for over 230 years and is the longest established UK manufacturer of hairbrushes.

If you take your typical cheap comb for example, this is melted poured plastic and under microscopic levels have lots of grooves and bumps which catch and snag on your hair. Kent saw their combs from a single piece of plastic, they then file and sand until perfectly smooth, enabling it to glide through your hair like a hot knife in butter.

When it came to choosing combs and brushes to list on our website, we tried dozens of different brands, but we never quite found that comb/brush that would stand up to Kent. We have a small Range of combs on our site from the pocket comb, which is great for on the move as it is in its own case to protect its teeth. The A 4T also small enough to carry around, but has the added advantage of having fine and wide tooth. The Kent SPC85 is a great comb if your beard is that little bit longer as the teeth have the added length. Or a favourite at Mr. Ticklers has to be the Kent PF06 Grooming brush, perfect for all length and size beards, perfect for applying your Mr. Ticklers beard oil.

If you want to see how passionate Kent are making their brushes and combs, check out this video:



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