Mr. Ticklers Base Oils | Part II | Coconut Oil

Mr. Ticklers Base Oils | Part II | Coconut Oil

Hi guys and welcome back!
You may have read our text on hemp oil and why we use it, if not check it out now. Today were going to speak a little about coconut oil and why we have chosen this to be in our blend, too.

History behind coconut oil/tree

Im sure some time in your life you have heard your mum, girlfriend or other family members talk about coconut oil whether it's shampoos or hair serum? Well if not they’ve been missing out! Supposedly coconut was discovered some 4000 years ago and ever since has been used for its amazing properties.

Some of the main reason we use it

Coconut can stop those beautiful beard hairs falling out, after all we’ve all been growing our man main for weeks, months maybe even years! The last thing we want to happen is for it to slowly fall out because we’ve neglected it. Studies show (both personal and scientific) that coconut oil conditions from within, giving it that soft feather kind of feel and not feeling like your granddads steel brush he uses to remove rust of his Morris minor. 

Hair is made up from proteins and when these are lost, beards become week and unhealthy. But fear not, your friend Coconut will significantly reduce loss meaning it will be strong and well manlike.

As well as all these great properties it is a marvellous natural anti-bacterial oil and a rich source of Omega 3, 6, 9 and Polyphenols.

Here are a few extra facts about coconut oil:

  • Smell: Very bland, virtually no odour at all
  • Colour: Clear but can also have a yellow tinge to it  
  • Perfect for all skin types and helps speed up the healing process of broken skin
  • Stopping the unwanted beard-ruff (beard dandruff) and keeping your face looking young
  • Where is it from? Our coconut oil is from the beautiful Philippines.

Next time we will talk about grape seed oil and why we use it but for now have a great day and tickle on!

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