Phase I - The Return of Mr. Ticklers

Phase I - The Return of Mr. Ticklers

by Jordan Roberts 

You may be asking, “Why relaunch now, after so many years?” Truth be told I must have been told daily: “You need to start Mr. Ticklers again, that stuff was amazing!” I brushed it off, but I knew everyone was right. We had a great following and a great product which was flying off the shelves!

I was sitting with a very close friend of mine one day, Dean Priestley, who had recently left the Army and was eager to start a new vocation. He suggested that we should revive Mr. Ticklers, so that was it, on the 12th of February 2019, we turned the business into Mr. Ticklers Ltd and got a shiny little certificate to go with it. Unfortunately that was the easy part!


Dean is an avid beard grower but due to occupational hazards he had to shave every morning; unfortunately the lazy religion didn’t allow him to keep his facial fuzz. Now he is a free man (bar the ring on his finger) and he is now able to grow a beard. Dean will be head of sales and will ensure that the stock is all kept up to date and your orders arrive on time.

Dean will also be in charge of offering great deals to our service personnel, past and present, so if you’ve ever served please pop him an email at!


So... we had a business name, a successful beard oil recipe and a few loyal followers on social media. Luckily, over the years I kept making my own beard oil and I slowly tweaked my original recipe. Now better than ever, we have decided to bottle this incrEDIBLE beard food and TAKE OVER THE WORLD. We stuck to the 4 original base oils which are Hemp, Coconut, Grapeseed and Jojoba but changed the percentages, which I will go into on another blog article.

Currently all of our oils are out for testing, but don’t worry, none of our products are tested on animals; it’s just a general test to make sure your face doesn’t fall off, forcing us to cash in our insurance policy.


So of course with all new businesses we need a brand new shiny office, well, sort of... If we’re honest we have a world class product and we are able to keep this product at a very competitive price. So Mr. Ticklers HQ is situated in the back garden of my house. But rest assured the garage is currently being converted into a safe and sterile area to mix and prepare our oils… this is no Breaking Bad situation, pictures to follow.

Originally we thought we could just empty the garage and throw in all the necessary equipment but no, HELL NO! One day we were painting and it rained. That’s fine, no issues with the British climate, but it rained inside our office! It rained so hard inside we literally did not have enough buckets to contain this monstrosity.

The following day we did all that was necessary to fix our leaky roof. Next was the dreaded hose test. We turned that baby on full and Tada... no more leaking roof! Instead it came in through a crack in the wall. We never thought everything would go plain sailing, but this was just taking the p**s. After calling in a crack team of specialist (my dad, who looked at it like I just kicked a cat) he got out his tools and set to work. Finally after 3 full days we had a water tight work area and we are ready to move in!

In Phase II we will be talking about how we finally finished our office/work shop and include some behind the scene photos. Also our editing guru Felix is back on board and we will give you a little insight to what he's been up to! We will also share how the team have lost sleep testing our new products, soon to be announced. (We can guarantee we have the cleanest beards in the North West.)

Stay tuned and Tickle on

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