Phase II - Moving Forward Little by Little

Phase II - Moving Forward Little by Little

by Dean Priestley

With our products back from testing and good to go, the office all cozy and ready to roll, we are looking forward to our future and to building our loyal customer base bigger and stronger than ever. We want to keep you Ticklers up to date with our progress and tell you how we are moving forward.


With the return of the brand we needed the return of our guru, Felix. Being the new boy in the company I was a little set back by his German charm, but his attention to detail and motivation is something to behold. So we welcomed him back with open arms and he hit the ground running! With his return came a new lease on life to our company’s corporate front, boxes, bottle labels, Facebook posts and some gentle nudges in the right direction.

We just need to get over this long distance relationship: “It’s not you it’s me.”

I must admit I enjoy our constant messages back and forth with new ideas, likes and dislikes of new ideas, post updates and new ways to reach our target audience “You guys and girls” hoping to aim not just for men to splash on our products...

... so ladies if your husbands, your boyfriends or both want a premium quality beard care range for Valentine’s Day, birthday or even stocking fillers, we can guarantee a product they will love time and time again.


Well, as you all know, setting up our shop was a bit of a challenge: if it could have gone wrong, it pretty much did. Walking into the old garage with our eyes wide open to the limitless possibilities of our exploration and the pungent smell of wet dog and walking boots, we set about getting to work.

We thought it was all over but we were mistaken. After repairing the leaky roof a typical North Wales shower came through and found new little holes to squeeze through, making it near to impossible to solve but with pure grit and determination (from the landlord) we have adjusted the office layout, eradicating leaks for GOOD!

So fast forward to our fresh daffodil smelling office, looking pretty professional “If I do say so myself.” We’re now ready to produce the magic beard formula. Our shiny new, 100% nature-friendly boxes are being made, as well as pretty sexy looking labels.


Receiving our test results became a battle itself. In typical start up fashion, as soon as we sent off our mixes for testing, the testing company decided to move location, creating a bit of a breakdown in communication. This came as a small hernia for Jordan who went on to contact them a total of 72 times in the course of an hour. Which was in vain, because the company came back to us very soon afterward. We now had our test results, mixing oils, computers, a printer and a primary school looking white board. I think there were talks of a dartboard and coffee machines but this is to be determined.

In our office we are aiming to set up a video studio so we can go into more detail regarding our products and the benefits they provide. This is also to put a more personal touch to our blog because we understand not everyone will sit and read all our blogs.


Some of our ideas for the future are an SLS free shampoo and conditioner and custom made hard wood combs. Ideas are coming out of the wood work regarding the overall range of products we can provide.

We are always looking at creating new and enticing scents and mixing up recipes to increase the benefits of every bottle, making new recipes tailored to specific needs.

Another large idea that we have been working on is giving our products Welsh names. As you already know we are based in the beautiful land of Wales, and we thought our oils should have names from places or memories we hold dear to us. The idea is to have our fragrances have a little “added Welsh pride“ on every bottle.


We are looking forward to receiving our boxes and having a premium product ready to ship on our relaunch date, May 1st. We will also have a natter about our hunt for a photographer so we can create a new portfolio of photos and shoots for posts, and we have a lot of ideas to get you guys involved on social media in the near future, too.

We will also go over our new website and added features on the site, including a new integrated chat for us to connect better with you to help in any way we can. Have you checked it out yet? Just click the little “Chat with us“ button on the bottom right corner of this page and hit us up with your questions, feedback or maybe a photographer recommendation around the North Wales coast!?

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it!

Off for a brew, speak soon and Tickle On!

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  • I loved reading your words…I’ll come back for more. I love your passion and your ideas, you’re inspiring x

    Jenny Jackson

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