Phase III - Halfway There (Hahaha, as if... )

Phase III - Halfway There (Hahaha, as if... )

by Jordan Roberts

April Fools

So, who fell pity to our rather shameful April fool’s prank? As a team, we would like to thank everyone that messaged for support and “condolence.” We are as glad as you that this didn’t happen for real and we are still set for May 1st… or are we?

Boxed Trouble

I wish I could tell you how great our boxes are and how excited we are to ship them out, but this isn’t the case. We have had trouble – and I mean major trouble – with our box supplier. We recently received our boxes and labels, only to find them printed wrong, on the wrong kind of paper and we only have a few days until launch! It’s safe to say we are stressed and getting rather panicky about the launch, but we are hoping this is just a small blip and all will be rectified soon! In the meantime if you happen to be a box wizard then please slide into my emails...

Get Involved

Mr. Ticklers would like for you guys to get involved as much as possible. We love every time our computer dings and one of you lovely lot have shared or liked our posts. When we launch we will have a monthly competition where you can send in pictures or videos of you “unboxing” and/or using Mr. Ticklers products. All of our products will be hand wrapped, taped and tied by one of our team. With the amount of tutorial videos we’ve now watched, it’s a sure thing that we will be on wrapping duties for Christmas this year!

Merch, Merch, Merch

You may have seen from an earlier post on Facebook that oil will not be all we will be selling. We have been busy trialling a few different companies and have teamed up with a British company to bring you top quality Mr. Ticklers Logo T-shirts at an amazing price. In fact, our T-shirts have been tried and tested by friends and family and we’ve heard nothing but good news. We’ve gone for 100% cotton, very light but also very durable and available in a range of fabulous colours.

Kent & Handmade Mr. Ticklers Combs

If you were with us in 2014, you probably remember that we stocked Kent Combs and in 2019 nothing has changed. Kent has been around since 1777 and rightly so! They offer brushes and combs for every hair and beard type. From moustache combs to boar hair brushes, we will stock the correct tool for the job.

In addition to that, yeah you read it right, we are making our own combs! We don’t mean purchasing a comb and putting a stamp on it, we mean from choosing wood, to carving, to sanding and oiling we will be doing it all and of course there will be pictures so you can see all the work involved. Unfortunately these will not be available at launch, but we will keep you posted when they are ready!

Barbers, Salons and Wholesalers

We have been quite fortunate that while we have been building our business, we have already been contacted by a few barbers who would like to stock our beard oils. If you are one of those businesses then please contact us and we will send you samples, which we assure you will speak for themselves.

Alternatively, if you recommend your barber to us and they stock our product, you will receive a £25 gift card for our shop, a sure win-win situation, don’t you think?!

Phase IV

In Phase IV, we hope that we will wipe our tears away and present you our final finished product.

We plan to get our photos taken and completed for the website and have our office completely finished (internet and carpet). Don’t forget we still have a few spaces left on the 20% off deal if you subscribe to our Mr. Ticklers Insider.

Speak Soon

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