Phase IV - The Hits just keep on coming

Phase IV - The Hits just keep on coming

The Headaches

How do I even begin describing the frustration and anxiety felt with the start up of this great venture, from the vision of a great product to actually getting it out to you fine people. With the office finally completed, our internet is running at maximum capacity a whole 3Gbit/s which we are paying for at least 36Gbit/s and labels that have a tendency to rub off. All in all a lot on the plate.

Don't get me wrong I am thoroughly enjoying the challenge. The engagements with companies, seeing the products come alive, visiting barber shops and having face to face meetings with like-minded people is also a brilliant aspect of the building process. Just seems like if something can go wrong it does "It builds character" as my old man would say. After all the doom and gloom we have launched... hooray to building a client base and make friends along the way.

learning the stories behind the names

So as you can all see now we have named all the oils after a Welsh folklore background. Each oil has a name that has a fascinating story, from a beard sowing Giant to our famous Red Dragon himself. I really enjoyed this part of the starting up process. I must have read all sorts of stories that I have not heard since I was a child or never at all. I didn't even realise that Rhitta Gawr was the real name for snowdon, so for all you lovely people I will be writing a blog article about the names and their stories. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.
Reaching out to Influencers
We have now started to venture into the influencers side of the marketing. Advertising on social media in general has been a captivating concept for me. I enjoy talking on this medium but posting things about day to day running and just general content has been a new one for me. "Hay we live and learn". So as we speak the oils have been shipped all over the country and Germany to be shown off to the whole world, very exciting.

Opening night, Curtains rise

The first day was very eventful. We waited for orders to flood in and waited and waited to then do the usual start up conversation of "Are the prices too high?", "Didn't they like our photos?" or "What do we need to change?". Making us want to take a new approach. Which if you are to speak to any start up this is normal and you should just stick to your guns. Lo and behold they started to come in which caused an excited reaction from the team and a little school girl giggle (from Jordan).

Rhuddfest 2019

This is a first for the whole team, setting up a physical shop and creating a display that will both draw in a crowd, sell some beard oils and get our name out there. We went for a lumber jack look because me and jordan are big fans of lumber jack themed shirts and looking like we fell out of a 25 week expedition in the Rockies. If I'm completely honest I was actually apprehensive and hoped that we had not bitten off more than we could chew with this particular endeavour so close after the launch day, but to be honest I think it went really well for a first attempt. One thing we will change for future sites, will definitely be stall placement and not be bullied into a corner out of sight and mind of the passing public. We live and learn. 
Overall I think that after all the hiccups and tantrums we are doing well and the baby steps are paying off. If we keep moving forward it will become easier. I'm looking forward to making more exciting products and having more face time with the public. Rhuddfest gave me the opportunity to meet people instead of hiding behind my computer and I can not wait for many more opportunities to do this.

Look forward to Phase 5 on how we are looking at a wider range of products, my super interesting blog articles on the oils' names and back stories (bet you cannot wait). If there is anything you would like to know about or even some suggestions for future products don’t hesitate to email me at

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