Phase V - The Final Phase

Phase V - The Final Phase


Hey everyone!
It’s been a while since I have sat down and wrote a blog, or at least attempted to. But after a year of being up and running I think it is only right to do so. We've had a super busy year business wise and personally.

Shortly after re-starting Mr. Ticklers last year we jumped straight into the deep end and committed ourselves to setting up a stall at a local festival. Bearing in mind we hadn't even gotten a payment system or a stall for that matter. Luckily my partner Laura has a great eye for these sorts of things and pulled us through.

It was an amazing weekend but as you know the Welsh weather has its moments and we found ourselves rescuing our stall from a river that decided to form from the 40mph sideways rain. Luckily as difficult as it was everyone was in good spirits and we manage to relocate and rebuild our stall, at 4am may I add!

We had offers for other festivals which was amazing but we decided as a team to take Rhuddfest as a learning curve and come back bigger and better the following year but as you all know, all festivals have been cancelled for the foreseeable.


Hopefully there will be other opportunities once all this Covid blows over as we really enjoyed talking to customers face to face about our product and enabling you to try before you buy.

Fast forward to July 2019… we lost a great beard in our team. Dean joined the London fire brigade and had to be baby faced once more. He does however occasionally support a rather full moustache, a department which I am rather lacking in. But all in all we have had a great year whilst gaining a whole new customer base and lots of new friends.

So 2020 was off to a good start and then we've been hit with the terrible pandemic known as COVID-19. I thought that it may be best to reassure everyone that health and safety is our top priority. Our surfaces are completely disinfected along with our hands and we are also wearing delightful face masks for every bottle that is mixed, packed and shipped. 

Due to myself having a front line job, I had to shave 4 inches of my beard (😭). I was supporting James Harden type bush but had to resort to stubble for a few weeks. However since then I have been in full force growing mode!


This is the last of the „phases“, I feel they have run their course and fulfilled their purpose of engaging everyone in our start-up of this fantastic business adventure.

Don’t get me wrong this is not the final post we will be posting but more on individual subjects and sections of what is going on with future plans, research ideas, general business progression and maybe even beard growing and beard care tutorials. What do you think?

I hope to hear your thoughts about our story and all the other posts on our page, I take constructive criticism well. Honestly.

The whole team and I wish everyone all the best in the current situation.

Keep safe and healthy, all the best and Tickle on!

(Photo: Ian Cylkowski on Unsplash)

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