Testing New Ideas

Testing New Ideas

Hi all,
You know what there is nothing better on a warm sunny day, than sitting back and brainstorming with Jordan on other products that we could develop and test to bring to Mr. Ticklers. To then getting a bee in your bonnet to get the mixing kit out, taking over the kitchen and brewing up a storm.

Perfect Blend vs. Challenges

Trying to find the perfect blend for our very own balm came with a few challenges with consistency, scents and measurements (never been my strong point). After placing 95% of these mixtures into Jordan’s already lush man maine, we came to a point where we felt that the properties and benefits that we wanted from the product were achieved.
I feel we have hit the nail on the head and got what we wanted, a mixture of absolute perfection if I don’t say so myself. When in the process we may have come across a beard wax, but I feel it needs more research and testing to figure this one out.

Making something Your Own

It was days like today when I fully realize why I wanted to get into this line of work. There is nothing more satisfying that creating something from scratch and making it your very own.
I just wish I didn’t have to give up my facial hair so I could truly feel the effects we achieved and not let Jordan have all the fun. We have also been looking into different mixtures and scents for beard wash, shampoo, conditioner and body wash. As we have been noticing from a little background research we really do not offer as much products as we wanted to, so we have now set some time aside to change this.

More Ideas Welcome

If you are reading this and have any ideas of what you would like our team to make up like scents or products in general please don’t hesitate to email me at - any constructive ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated because at the end of the day these products are for you.
Anyway, with the shampoo we wanted it to be beneficial for everyone to use, the joys of this is my wife is very sensitive to a lot of hair and skin issues and she has agreed to be a test subject, if she survives we are on to a winner.
All jokes aside we have such a brilliant bunch of people around us willing to jump at a moments notice with new ideas, test subjects or even wrapping the parcels to be sent off. I think because of their help and understanding this will become a very good venture with endless possibilities.
So once these are all ready to go they will be shipped out to be tested and critiqued and hopefully come back with some interesting conclusions  If this is the case you could be seeing a new range of products for around winter time. Just in time for a cool Mr. Ticklers Christmas bundle. Ho, ho, ho!
Thank you for taking the time to read, if you have enjoyed reading this, then have a look at our previous blogs, my personal favorite is „If it could go wrong it did“, as this was a very challenging time and taught us some valuable lessons when it comes to starting something from scratch in your friends old garage.
(Or if your interested in the cosmetics and ingredients we have posts solely on these that might peak your interest)

All the best and Tickle on!
Dean Priestley

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