Why do I need Beard Oil?

Why do I need Beard Oil?

Why do you need Mr Ticklers beard oil?

Firstly, if you have ever grown or been around someone who is growing a full facial rug then you will understand that at around the 1 to 2 week mark (depending on growth) you start getting a rather uncomfortable itch. Don’t worry it passes, this is due to the facial hair being more course and thick, not to mention you get a lot more follicles in a closer area.

Natural moisturising

With using Mr. Ticklers Beard Oil you soften up the area and condition the usually very hard hair. This in turn helps to draw the hair away from the skin preventing in-growing hairs, itch and dandruff from the skin hidden underneath, leaving your beard a lot more manageable and attractive. Jojoba as one of the main ingredients in all Mr. Ticklers beard oils and with this particular ingredient comes the ability of the oil to mimic the natural oils your body absorbs quickly into the skin, meaning you don’t look like an oily mess all day long.

Great smelling beard

Let’s be honest no one wants to get close to someone who has an overpowering aroma of wet dog. An added benefit of using Mr. Ticklers Beard Oils is the exceptional scents incorporated in every bottle. It leaves your beard smelling clean and fresh for longer and can also be used as an aftershave whilst doing its protective duties.

Healthy growth

Beard oil all round promotes healthy growth of your beard and over time will make your beard fuller and looking spectacular. It will make it a pleasure to grow and draw admiration of any passing people. Just remember there is a massive difference between growing facial hair and owning a beautiful god like beard – preparation, maintenance and love thy beard.

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