Beardy Benefits

Researchers from the Hirslanden Clinic in Switzerland apparently found high counts of bacteria in men's beards. According to them "[...] dogs can b...

Phase II - Moving Forward Little by Little

With our products back from testing and good to go, the office all cozy and ready to roll, we are looking forward to our future and to building our loyal customer base bigger and stronger than ever. We want to keep you Ticklers up to date with our progress and tell you how we are moving forward.

Phase I - The Return of Mr. Ticklers

You may be asking, “Why relaunch now, after so many years?” Truth be told I must have been told daily: “You need to start Mr. Ticklers again, that stuff was amazing!” I brushed it off, but I knew everyone was right. We had a great following and a great product which was flying off...

Mr. Ticklers Base Oils | Part III | Grape Seed Oil

Today is the day we are going to talk about grape seed oil and why we use it in our products, if you missed our previous 2 post about our oil you c...

Free gift with EVERY order!

You heard right! Mr. Ticklers is offering one of these gifts free with every order *Selected at random* A bottle of 10ml oil A Kent Brush A Kent Co...

Bring a Bottle to beat cancer!

Hey Guys!   Jordan Here. You may remember a month or so ago I posted on Facebook and twitter about a calendar shoot I was participating in to r...

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