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Being relatively new to the art of pogonotrophy, I did not venture into the world of beard oils until late 2013. I was instantly drawn to the various scents and practical applications of oils to help maintain and strengthen your facial fuzz.

So I began a journey of discovery that I believed was ready to share in 2014.

It is a fact that there are many brilliant beard oils already out there, but with my countless hours of relentless research and testing I am confident that I have created the perfect combination of oils for men of all beard types and styles, from the thundery, rugged “Thor” to the graceful, grandiose “Gandalf”.

Mr. Ticklers' unique blends of oils are in no way a secret, and can all be found on our blog. Every ingredient has its unique qualities, which when combined, forge the beard oils you’ve been looking for. 

2015 has seen a change in circumstances, introducing my beautiful babies to the world, including moving to another city more than once... Unfortunately Mr. Ticklers had to be put on the back burner - "Quiet but never forgotten". I was working full time at work and at home and felt as if I wouldn't be able to deliver the service I wanted to with Mr. Ticklers. However in my spare time I still continued educating myself and made various oils, creams and lotions for different applications such as stretch mark creams for the Misses.

I was constantly asked for the return of Mr. Ticklers, so how could I refuse? I wanted to get back to serving my bearded community with new values and standards. As an honest and transparent company we want to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction with a personal touch. 

In 2018 I was approached by my good old friend Dean Priestley who was soon to be leaving the Army (and after 6 years was finally allowed to grow a beard!). He wanted to get Mr. Ticklers back to full strength. At that time Dean was a baby face, a typical bloke who looked like he had a rough paper round. We talked over a few gin & tonics to eventually sign the deal by registering our company on Companies House, Mr. Ticklers Ltd. was born!

Fast-forward to February 2019 when we announced that Mr. Ticklers will be back, fresh and ready to hit the ground running, bringing you the scents you love, and also shortly a brand-new range of products soon to be revealed.

Join us as we unite the bearded community and squash the stereotype of beards being “untidy” and “unprofessional”.

Beards are not a fashion statement, more a way of life; and they’re (and we are) here to stay!

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